oktober 17, 2010

50 is a magical number. It has the image of being half of something. 50 being my age I am not sure what it is half of. Of what I will become, of where I am? Halfway through my life?
It is for me also a beginning. again, of studying.
So far the pace of my days, since I started at Leiden university has not felt like 50, closer to 80, in a crowded city I would say.


seeing snow in the rain

oktober 6, 2010

Bicycle tracks

in the rain.

The wet street

and the rain

look like snow.

I walk through rain that looks like snow.

In my mind.

Thoughts like snowflakes


come to earth,

lie there

a little while

looking like snow on an old city street

cycle tracks in rain that is not snow

but shows itself as if  it is

images in my head, connect and disappear


All the while it is good to walk in the rain, that looks like snow

lit up by the mild lamps of an old university town.

My thoughts steadily rain down

lit up by learning

Like these mist-like tiny fragmented rain dots

that fall to the earth like snow.