I have invented myself

many times over

And lived each life

as it suited me best.

let's fly awayI have invented myself

many a time

with each new book

or facinating life

that my fancy took

I have invented myself

many times before

when an old life

didn’t suit me,

I left it lying

to gather dust

and found a new life

to try and trust

looking down on I look at myself

and the roles that I play

beloved daughter, sister


competent professional







keeper of life.

I see the lives I invent

falling apart at the seams

scattered around me

like fallen idols

To good to be true


no good now anymore.

I hide behind the lives

I invent

my true self gone astray


a little lost

not so far away.

(There are some times

I am

but truly lost

when I feel I’m losing it

in each and every way)

I know I have to stop inventing

and start recovering what I’ve lost

Some things will have gone forever

And I ‘m afraid to face the cost

Still, dropping all pretences

and to my own self be true

could make my balance lighter

and me too.

birthday present for my mother on her 86 th birthday. Balloon flight over Friesland


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