februari 3, 2009

februari 3, 2009

Kier started his cito test this morning, A test at the end of primary education to determine what kind of secondary education is best. This test has become more and more important during the last few years. More and more pression on kids to do well so they can choose  a higher form of education. It was on the news this morning. Last night and I mean night, not last evening Kier came downstairs, couldn’t sleep so he thought after several hours of doing just that. Adri brought him back to bed but a while later there he was again. So he ended up between us and settled down, and finally went back to his own bed. He was bit more quiet than usual this morning, it was not like this with the other boys poor guy, so much more emphasis on this test. It is harder for him too, so he won’t quite reach the intelectual level of his bros, what with being the youngest and always trying to compete with your bigger brothers and the added handicap of his length or rather lack of it, I admire him for his bravery stepping out into the world.

februari 2, 2009

Go Kier Go,

you have such a positive outlook on life

Look how beautiful the world is around you.

Look how the sky supports  you upwards, beneath and below.

Run, run, towards your future

See how your image is reflected in the sand

you leave a lasting impression of yourself

wherever you go.

Kier op het strand

No walks this weekend. We visited a school that opened it’s doors on Saturday. It is time to choose a secondary school for our youngest son.

Of course we have some experience in secondary schools. Willem having finished his and Jaap is on his fourth year at his six year education.

Choosing a school for Willem was quite straightforward Jaap was more difficult. He loves the school we and he chose but really has to work hard and every now and then we wonder if we chose right. Kier because of  his height (all of 90 cm tall) gives us even more issues to consider. Getting there being one of the major issues.


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