Hello world!

januari 26, 2009

Well hello world,

Ont the eve of my 49th birthday I am starting this blog. 50 would have been a neater number I know. But there it is 49.

Hopefully this will be the year in which I will find my balance, or accept both my dark chaotic, unfriendly side and the happy caring creative part.

Ideally this blog should have two columns, that I could write  simultaneously.  One on a light background and one for the darker version.

That would keep the two nicely seperated, all I would have to do is choose what would go into which column.

de munt dordrecht

de munt dordrecht

Well for starters,

Yesterday I, We carried out one of my New Years resolutions


I chose a walking guide as christmas present from my boss, they let you choose from a guide of presents these days.

The first walk was (just ) 6 kometres in the old city of Dordrecht, also the hometown of my husband’s father.

Hoe dichter bij dordt

Adri decided to join me, which was nice of him since he is not the walking type. So we had a nice stroll, ambling around Dordrecht walking and watching and chatting how it would be to live here, Such a change from the suburb we live in which is not modern but definitely not old and quaint and picturesque.


We both said we were ready after about twenty years in this house and this neighbourhood for something else. The thought of moving and doing renovations again now we have almost finished here is quite dauniting, not to mention the prospect of finding another job.

Well actually the prospect of finding another job I quite welcome. Just need some more energy, but let’s not get into that now but later.

For now it was a good afternoon,even when we found back at the car that the batteries had run out, luckily a polish chap came to the rescue and we were off home to our three boys.


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